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    The 2016/2017 Season: Maestro’s Message

    Scaling the Heights

    Why take on Mount Everest? George Mallory, one of the first mountaineers to make the attempt, replied, “because it’s there.” A hallmark of our human race is that we’re inspired by challenges and constantly strive for widening the boundaries of achievement. In this spirit, many of our treasured symphonic masterworks began as trailblazers: Brahms expanded the limits of traditional forms in his Fourth Symphony, Dvořák mixed nostalgia for his homeland with African- and Indian-American influences in his New World Symphony, and Respighi began a grand triptych of tone poems with Fountains of Rome, using a sophistication and richness of orchestration that audiences had never heard before. Richard Strauss’s last big symphonic opus drives home the point–using a huge orchestra, his Alpine Symphony depicts an actual ascent to a mountain pinnacle in breathtaking fashion.

    Our virtuoso guest artists strive for pushing the envelope of expression with their intense passion and technical wizardry, and our West Coast premiere of James Hartway’s Island Dances explores rare territory–a double harp concerto! Families broaden their symphonic exposure in our delightful Park and Family Concerts, brilliant young talents compete in our Young Artists Competition, and our beloved audience strives to outdo themselves each season in our Messiah sing-along in December. And have you heard our Auburn Symphony itself scaling new heights each season? Our players are so talented and possess enormous potential, and the continual upward climb in artistic excellence is inspiring.

    Our live performances create stirring passions and intense memories for you to take home. Your fabulous patronage and support make a big difference in helping our wonderful orchestra to thrive, so we can keep delivering those unforgettable experiences. So how can you top yourselves? Help fill our hall! Invite more friends to our wonderful concerts so they, too, can feel the magic. We play for you; we scale those musical heights “because you’re there.”

    Yours with best regards and deep appreciation,
    Peter Jaffe
    Music Director and Conductor

    3 May 2016