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    The 2017/2018 Season :: Maestro’s Message

    Our 30th Anniversary Season

    ’Hard to believe, but the Auburn Symphony is now thirty years old. You and fellow music lovers in the community deserve some well-earned pride: you’ve kept our remarkable orchestra thriving for three decades!

    Think back to the 1980s, when Monroe De Jarnette, Marilyn Gelbach, and a group of intrepid musicians spearheaded the formation of the Auburn Symphony, first led by Maestro Clyde Quick. Back then personal computers and the internet were in their infancy, audiophiles were getting used to CDs, and the diverse musical pop scene included everything from Madonna and Bobby McFerrin to an increased craze for Hip Hop.

    The music scene continued to evolve in myriad directions, and meanwhile, during his marvelous and extensive tenure, Maestro Michael Goodwin helped solidify and refine our artistic offerings right here in the community. The Sing-along Messiah, Family Concerts (then-called Kinderkonzerts), free outdoor concerts, and the Symphony Goes to Schools programs became established, and the tradition of grand season finales at the Mondavi Center was launched. It’s been heartwarming for me during the past five years to see the level of artistic excellence continue to soar, and we have an ever-expanding menu of great works to perform for you. We’re constantly looking for ways to keep things fresh—check out the blend of classics, pops, and family fun in our first-ever Halloween Spooktacular!

    Infusing tradition with a sense of exploration is key to each of our beloved symphonic masterworks. Orchestral compositions take themes through musical adventures in a satisfying emotional journey—it’s what makes Beethoven’s Fifth, Tchaikovsky’s Fourth, and Liszt’s Les préludes so invigorating. As we listen, we feel as if we’re on an epic quest, culminating in spiritual victory.

    The constants through all the Auburn Symphony’s glorious years have been emotionally charged live performances, talented and passionate guest artists, artistic excellence, and you, our beloved audience. What new pinnacles will the Auburn Symphony reach? Join us, as together we move ahead with a renewed sense of appreciation, expectation, and wonder.

    Yours with best regards and deep appreciation,
    Peter Jaffe
    Music Director and Conductor

    25 May 2017