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A Gala Mixology Moment

A few years ago, our Annual Gala team began creating a signature cocktail to go along with the event theme. Through the fun-loving dedication of two special volunteer mixologists, we have raised almost $3,000 to support the Symphony’s programs. In a year when we cannot gather to toast each other, our favorite amateur bartenders asked if they could present a signature cocktail that music lovers could make at home. They even put together a basket of local ingredients and the recipe for the silent auction – check it out – item #147!

Thanks, once again, to Brent Sanders and Paul Breckenridge, for giving their time and talents so we wouldn’t miss out this year, and for recruiting friend Jake Whitaker to help make it happen with style. Thanks to Ed Arnold at California Distilled Spirits for his support and donation.

Here’s to “The Phoenix”, in honor of the Gala’s 2021 performance by the Auburn Symphony Orchestra.